Every good thing has a beginning, the story of DIBC started with six members worshiping inside the Man of God living room in 1998, and the seed of the mission was planted in September 9, 1999. Then, the name of the church was GARMENT OF PRAISE AND POWER MINISTRIES. God added to the church day by day and moved to its temporary site at Egbe, Lagos in 2002. Based on God’s voice, the church name changed to DAY BY DAY MIRACLE BIBLE CHURCH.
In 2005, the church moved to its present location at 45, Aswar-Ud-Deen Street, By Powerline, Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria. Based on the revelation of God (1 Chr. 12:22), the name changed to DAY BY DAY INTERNATIONAL BIBLE CHURCH. Today, we celebrate God’s faithfulness in bringing to reality, the ministry He has given to his chosen vessel, Prophet (Dr.) Taiwo Adeyemi O. (JP).
DAY BY DAY International Bible Church is a congregation of Bible-believing people striving to put Jesus first in every area of life. We exist as an independent fellowship and desire to simply be known as Christians. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Head of His Church, and that every Christian is a part of His Body. We do not believe we are the only Christians, but our priority is to be Christians only. We plan to speak where the Bible speaks, and remain silent where the Bible is silent. We take the Bible as our single rule of faith and practice. Because salvation made one a member of the original New Testament Church we read about in the Bible, we follow that pattern. We refuse to impose more on people than the Word of God asks to be a Christian, and we require no less than the Word of God requires.
Therefore, membership here requires that you believe in Jesus the Christ as God’s Son, and be obedient strictly to HIS word of life. This is why we make disciples and continue to teach. We welcome all newcomers to our services. People living in our vicinity are cordially invited to be a regular part of our local fellowship as we worship and serve Jesus, our Lord. God has created an environment for all living things. He made the world so that every creature could find food, comfort, and protection. He provided His Church as the nurturing environment for fellowship and benefit of those who are “born again.” Jesus is interested in the sinner, and so are we.

Our Staff Members

Rev. Mrs. Adenike Adeyemi Jp.

Rev. Adenike Adeyemi is the Head of Women and Children ministry at DIBC. She was a graduate of Yaba College of Technology and Lagos State Polytechnic where she got her...

Prophet Dr Taiwo Adeyemi

Prophet Dr Taiwo Adeyemi O. was born and raised in Emure Ekiti in Ekiti state. He got born again in the Gospel Baptist Church, Emure Ekiti. Right from the early...